millimetre: project site 00

Anna Barriball
Melanie Counsell
Kate Fahey

millimetre02 is a exhibiting space for group shows set within a single picture frame.

The first show hosted by the Kingsgate Project Space exhibits works on paper that present ideas, episodes or incidents
of change. Phenomena that seem naturally occuring but the curiosity of the artists have displaced them.
The visions are a double take, we are unsure of what is being highlighted and are left witness to a process of
altering states. The out-growth of a fly that is a wing, the work that observes this is deposited at the bottom of the
frame, oversized and inept, its former use now obsolete. A rock surface becomes bodily or its slow formation somehow
made tangible, its fixed form now appears animated. A sugar coated polaroid grows new meaning without any of the
plant source’s sweetness, and a print of a tree is altered to contest the understanding of a given space.
Within all these works a delicacy of application creates a tension with the subjects being tested.

This is the first in a series of exhibits with linked ideas concerning natural phenomena and related concerns
from an international array of artists.

Out-growth is curated by Finlay Taylor